Research, Education and Sustainable use of elasmobranchs

What is ElasmoCan?

ElasmoCan is a non-profit organisation that aims for a better knowledge and sustainable use of the marine environment, with special focus on the sharks and rays, through scientific research. We are the first registered non-profit in the Canary Islands with this objective.

How does ElasmoCan work?

ElasmoCan works with and for the different marine stakeholders to achieve positive changes in the development of alternatives for a sustainable use of the marine resources. We seek to improve and motivate the understanding of the society about sharks and rays, and highlight good practices with this group of fishes. Our research allows us a correct disclosure and raise of awareness about the elasmobranch species, and help to have a scientific basis for the development of efficient strategies for conservation management.

ElasmoCan needs your support to spread our message and to develop conservation projects. We consider the ecological value of species more important than their economic value.

What does ElasmoCan mean?

ElasmoCan is a combination of the words “elasmobranch” and “Canary”, which are also represented in our Logo. The term elasmobranch is a group of cartilaginous fishes which includes the sharks and rays. The Canary Islands  is the archipelago where ElasmoCan develops its main research activities.