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ElasmoCan is a pioneer in the development of research related to coastal ray -and shark species in the Canary Islands, and in particular of the angel shark or monkfish (Squatina squatina).

With your support ElasmoCan can spread its message, and continue to develop innovative research to obtain the required knowledge for elasmobranch conservation and to help define effective criteria for their sustainable use.

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100% of the donated money will be spent in research. Donate by wire transfer via Triodos Bank Spain with beneficiary ElasmoCan, IBAN: ES71 1491 0001 26 2094495526 (BIC: TRIOESMM) or by Paypal.

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Would you like to share information, a picture or an anecdote with us related to elasmobranchs please contact us.

To report a sighting of any species in the Canary Islands, we encourage you to use the portal of the Canarian government Red PROMAR.

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