Citizen science affirms that he angelshark is the most frequently observed elasmobranch species in El Cabrón.

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In a followup study of elasmobranch species with citizen science, ElasmoCan and the dive centre Davy Jones Diving found that the common angelshark or monkfish (Squatina squatina) is the most frequently observed elasmobranch species in El Cabrón (Gran Canaria). In the area it is possible to observe at least 8 species of rays, like the common stingray Dasyatis pastinaca, the fantail stingray Taeniurops grabata, the eagle ray Myliobatis Aquila, the marbled electric ray Torpedo marmorata, the butterfly ray Gymnura altavela, the bull ray Aetomylaeus bovinus, the rough tailed ray Dasyatis centroura and the devil ray Mobula sp.

The study comprises a 6-year series of sighting data, and was presented during the scientific conference IV Congreso de Ciencias del Mar.

Read more in the section Citizen science: Diving.

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